Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Workshop Preview: Writing With True Grit - Lee Emory

By Lee Emory
Owner/operator, Treble Heart Books publishing
Christian division: MountainView Publishing

There is a strong need for grittier Christian stories. The material and inspiration for them is everywhere. I have the pleasure of presenting Writing With True Grit at the Florida Christian Writers Conference.

Cool Stuff

Two novel writing assignments are ready to give out during my presentation to authors who are looking for a new and challenging project. When the assignments are given (with up to a full year to research and complete the mss) then the books will be published by MountainView, so there will be a contract for each assignee.

This is serious business. If you are interested, please plan to attend my workshop. Attendees will learn all about these assignments toward the end of my workshop. Two enthusiastic authors will be chosen based on their writing experience and sincere enthusiasm for these projects. These will not be assignments for inexperienced writers. Ideally, I would like one male and one female for these assignments.

Pitch Your Project

I’m also available to take appointments. Please be prepared to pitch your ms by knowing your subject fully so you aren’t nervously rambling or lacking direction to make your point. You will be treated respectfully no matter what. If you don’t know your story well enough to concisely explain its premise then you’re not quite ready for an interview. You may not want to use it, but an excellent guideline for this is the story question by Robin Perini.

Jacob Marshall must avenge his father's honor by implicating Serena Jones' father, only to realize revenge often hurts the innocent.

Lee Emory tells it like it is, is a morning person, owns two cats, and snores disgustingly loud.

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