Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three New Pre-Conference Tracks Added

How would you like to spend an afternoon with a master instructor? You’ll have the opportunity to do that at the 2010 conference.

On Wednesday, March 3, you can choose from three pre-conference tracks (four hours of instruction for $75) in the following areas:
  1. Fiction – Davis Bunn, instructor
  2. Non-Fiction – Patricia Lorrenz, instructor
  3. One Sheet – Shellie Arnold, instructor
I’ll provide in depth information for you about each of these three tracks once I have a chance to interview the instructors, but I can tell you a bit about Shellie’s One Sheet course.

A “one-sheet” is a writer’s tool (think of it as a sales brochure) for using when pitching your project to editors and agents.

Shellie says:
“It’s kind of like a one page, quick-captioned advertisement about a writer and the writing project that’s being pitched. It’s not part of the proposal; it’s something to hand to an editor or agent when the writer pitches in person.”
I spent time with Shellie at the 2009 conference and she is such a fun, high-spirited person. I’m sure that her one sheet workshop will help you prepare for those editor and agent appointments you’ll have during the course of the conference. And even if you don’t have your one sheet ready for the 2010 conference, you’ll still need it for future use.

If you want to see a sample of my one sheet (this is for my Blogging Bistro business, not for my books), you can download the PDF.

Do you have a one sheet? Share a link to it in the Comments area, so we can get ideas of what different types of one sheets look like, and see what info they include.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Attend 2010 Conference; Get a CD of Every Session

You’ll receive an added bonus when you register for the 2010 conference: a CD that includes a recording of every single session, keynote speech, workshop, and continuing class. What a deal!

A couple of years ago, I purchased a CD of a writers’ conference I attended for $100, and it was well worth the investment. I still listen to those workshops on my MP3 player whenever I go for a walk or go rollerblading (I love multi-tasking, and what’s better than learning while working out?).

At the 2009 conference, I was busy teaching, so I didn’t get to attend several workshops that sounded interesting. Then I got sidetracked and forgot to buy CDs of those workshops.

So getting a free CD of the entire conference is a deal I won’t pass up.

You may be wondering: What’s the catch? This sounds too good to be true.

There’s only one small requirement, which is that you are a full-time registrant. Doesn’t matter when you register – you’ll still get the CD. On your registration form, check the box that says, “Complete Conference Tuition.”

There are several options from which to choose:
  • Complete Conference Tuition, without meals or lodging - $465
  • Complete Conference Tuition, with meals but no lodging - $625
  • Complete Conference Tuition, with double room (1 roommate) and meals - $775
  • Complete Conference Tuition, single occupancy and meals - $975
  • Teen Track Special (ages 13-19), includes complete conference tuition, food, and lodging - $450
If you register by December 24, 2009, you’ll get a $20 discount off your fees.
If you pay by check or money order, they’ll lop off another $10.

To guarantee your spot, you can submit your $150 deposit now, and pay the balance by February 9, 2010. So start saving your pennies now, folks. This is one conference you won’t want to miss!

Here's a PDF of the 2010 registration form.

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, when we’ll reveal another exciting new addition to the conference.