Tuesday, April 5, 2011


                                Ava Pennington ( www.AvaWrites.com )

Has it been a month already?  Yes, believe it or not, it has. You attended the Florida Christian Writers Conference (FCWC) one month ago.

One month ago, you participated in continuing classes, attended a variety of workshops, and drank in Calvin Miller’s wisdom about writing.

One month ago, you met with agents, editors, and published authors.

One month ago, you received session handouts, sample magazines, and submission guidelines.

One month ago, you set some goals for yourself. Perhaps you said you would:
- send a proposal to an agent or editor who requested it.
- practice a writing technique you learned.
- begin using social media such as Facebook or Twitter account.
- read that book you purchased on the craft of writing.
            - drop a note to a new writer friend you met at FCWC.
- follow-up on a new market you discovered.

Do you have a goal to add to this list?
Have you acted on at least one of your goals? If you have, good for you!
If you haven’t, why not start today?

Don’t be like so many writers who have great intentions when they leave a writers’ conference, but then…nothing. The pages of the calendar turn, but nothing changes.

Set one or more reasonable goals to apply the helpful material you received, then do something. When you return to the conference next year, you’ll be glad you did. And I can’t wait to hear all about it!