Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet the Snowflake Guy - Randy Ingermanson

I met Randy "The Snow Flake Guy" Ingermanson at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers' Conference in the spring of 2006. I liked him immediately, due in great measure to the fact he's brilliant, humble, and wide open to sharing the writing wisdom he's gleaned over the past twenty years.

If you're not familiar with Randy's blog you need to get acquainted. Immediately. I think it's one of the top writing blogs on the Web. (It's not just my opinion. Randy's Advanced Fiction Writing Blog was just voted one of the Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs.)

Randy's blog is an encyclopedia—wait, no one uses those anymore—it's a Wikipedia (without the mistakes) of information on conferences, how to pitch your ideas, and fiction writing in general.

When you meet Randy at the conference, be sure to ask him about the time he pitched a story idea wearing, uh, unusual attire. (I think I might get in trouble for that.)

What other sites in additional to John Vonhof's site and Randy's blog do you recommend writers visit?

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  1. I just read Mr. Ingermanson's article, "Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Author" What a wealth of information! I feel like I am getting a conference before the conference with all these websites and resources I had never heard about. I love the thoughts he wrote on each stage of the writing education. I've always felt that I have been educated in the school of life, and now I know what it takes to go on to be a senior and graduate. I realize now that it doesn't have to happen this year and this conference. I hope I can be as tenacious as he has been, it gives me hope.
    Thank you very much!


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