Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Florida Christian Writers' Conference '09 Welcome

Last night, at the Northwest Christian Writers' Association monthly meeting, I asked those with a passion for staying stagnant in their writing to raise their hands.

No arms went up.

Next question:

"How many of you have never been to a writing conference?" About a third of the hands went up. Those third are flirting with stagnation.

Want to give your writing dreams a quantum leap forward? Going to a conference like the Florida Christian Writer's Conference is the best advice we can give.

Yes, we know finances are playing hide-and-go seek—more hide than seek—but the tools, relationships and inspiration you get at a premier conference are invaluable.

On this blog my business partner, Laura Christianson, and I will yak about conferences. Things like:
  • How to pitch an agent
  • How to pitch an editor
  • What the publishing world has in common with American Idol
  • How to get past your fears
  • The key relationship you need to build your writing platform
  • ...and yes, Johnny, much, much more
Plus we'll have guest bloggers who are on the faculty of the 2009 conference. You'll get a chance to know them a bit and learn from their years of experience in the pub world.

Even if you can't make it to Florida this year, the info on this blog will inspire you, teach you, and get you closer to that dream of publication.

If you are headed for the conference, congrats. You'll love it.

We'll see you there,

Jim & Laura

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