Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making the Most of the Writers’ Conference - John Vonhof

By Jon Vonhof
Freelance writer, author, speaker
Manteca, CA

Need help figuring out how to negotiate the ins and outs of the Florida Christian Writers Conference? I’ve developed a new Web site --, to help other writers. The site evolved from an idea at the 2006 FCWC.

The site is designed to help writers master the conference submission process. You’ll learn:
  • What goes into writing different parts of your submission package and how to do it right
  • How to write cover letters, queries, book proposals
  • How to format articles and manuscripts
  • Genre tips
  • How to prep for meeting with faculty
The site also includes links and resources; samples of queries, proposals, and manuscript formats, and guidelines for individual conferences. Plans are to add interviews with agents, editors and authors.

John Vonhof is a freelance writer who writes for the Christian and secular markets. He has taught at the Mt. Hermon (2003-08), Florida (2004-08), Castro Valley (1999-2008), San Diego (2000), and Hercules (2001) Christian Writers’ Conferences, The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association's Conference (2003 & 2005), and the Learning Annex (2000) in San Francisco.

John has self-published four books and two booklets—two of the books have been picked-up by mainstream publishers. He has been published in Christian and secular magazines, newsletters and Internet sites. He has published an e-zine for nine years and a blog for three years. Visit John at and

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  1. Thanks John. Looking forward to visiting with you at the conference. Good info..needed to be reminded of a few things...and you do it so well
    Blessings Clella

  2. What a wealth of information and much needed help from Mr. Vonhof! Even though I attended one FCWC in 2000, I commuted and feel I wasn't able to totally participate or benefit with traveling back and forth. I'm sure I wasn't able to fully enjoy the experience or really connect with people. I still had young children at home then, so I was trying to hurry home as soon as it was over, instead of going to after hours events. I am looking at my experience at the 2009 FCWC as trying it again, as if it were the very first time.

    I will certainly be using the information found on and I am very grateful that Mr. Vonhof was so innovative to create this site. Thank you very much!

  3. Wow. Ton of outstanding material on John's site.


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