Saturday, February 25, 2012


by Elaine Creasman 
It's hard to believe 25 years have passed since I first entered through the doors of the Florida Christian Writers Conference as a mom of young children and a new writer. I battled many unresolved emotional issues in my life, but felt God had called me to write personal experience articles about how He was intervening in each of these.
For the first few conferences, editors terrified me. It seemed they had the power to mend or break my heart with one word--"yes" or "no" when it came to my meager offerings. Often I would ask myself, "What am I doing here?" But along the way, God helped me find favor with editors and improve my writing. Much of the writing which I've had published--including numerous articles, poems, gift book contributions--is a result of connections I made at FCWC.
Even though I came to the conferences to learn about writing and later on to also help writers move on in their writing journeys (as I joined the staff,) the Florida Christian Writers Conference has also been more. It became a place for a spiritual retreat--an oasis away from the sometimes chaotic happenings in my life--to hear from God.
At the early conferences Peter Lord, who wrote the book Hearing God, helped to open the door to believing  God wanted to speak truth to me about Himself, about me, and about my writing. And at each conference (I've attended 23 out of 24 conferences) He has spoken truth. I have found myself coming home at times much more excited about how God was changing my thinking and healing my emotions than how many pieces editors said "yes" to. Over time I discovered these changes helped my writing.   
God convinced me at early conferences that He didn't want me merely to focus on my writing at the conference, but He desired I embrace how He wanted to heal me and help me as a Christian. He reminded me that If I wanted to be an excellent Christian writer, it was essential to also work on the "Christian" part of that title.
Along the way God has spoken life-changing truths to me at FCWC through the wisdom of Billie Wilson, through speakers, through faculty and fellow writers, and through times alone as I have sought Him in prayer. Times alone have become one of the most important parts of the conference, which I encourage all conferees to pursue.
One experience I had at a conference where Peter Lord spoke was a turning point in my relationship with God, the Father. I wrote about it, and it was published as part of a piece in a women's magazine and more recently on      
Excitement is mounting about the conference again. Yes, I'm preparing as far as the writing end of things goes, but I'm also getting my heart ready to hear from God.
Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening. 
How about you? Is your heart and mind open to hear what God has to say about Himself, about you, and about your writing? Are you eager to draw closer to Him as you take time away from your everyday life?
I pray God will bless you at FCWC 2012 as you seek to hear all He has to say to you. I'm confident it will be life-changing.


  1. Elaine, what a beautiful description of what a writer's conference such as FCWC can mean to us. I love how you think and it really needs to be said, that it is about more than meeting editors. The spiritual food we receive and the wisdom we glean while there really do keep us going the whole year long. There are notes and resources I brought back last year that are still helping me each day. I have met people who seemed like angels while there (you know who you are) and was filled to overflowing with hope and wisdom from the messages and workshops. I am hoping to make a day trip there, which may be a possibility for others who feel they can't afford or take the time for the whole conference. I am refreshed just reading your blog and thank you, dear sister, for posting.

  2. Julia MateerFebruary 26, 2012

    This will be my first writers' conference...and I am so excited, nervous, and full of anticipation!

  3. I would love to know when it starts on Thursday. I am an attendee and never received anything as far as the schedule. I need to make childcare arrangements. I can't find it on the web. Have searched for the schedule. Thanks.

  4. If you are there by noon I feel you will not miss any of the conference. I do not have a schedule but from prior conferences, I think this will get you there in good time. Billie, does have a telephone number posted on the website. I know you will find the conference a blessing. Looking forward to meeting you. Blessings Clella

  5. Thanks, Donna. I didn't remember that it started that early on Thursday. Will have to figure out child care. Thanks again.

  6. I've tried contacting Billie by that number on the website and have left messages on her answering machine but haven't heard from her. I was hoping to come to the conference this year and wanted to see if any scholarships were still available and space for the conference. Is there another contact number for her?


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