Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Florida conference connected me to the world of publishing.  Now I help with it behind the scenes and teach at it. I’ll be teaching the continuing class on marketing again but it is never the same twice.

Each conference has a flavor one might say-that makes it unique. Florida has always been full of hope, graciousness, and friendliness. For me, returning each year is also a reunion of friends, including the editors and a place where I meet new friends.

No matter where you are in the process of writing this is a conference that will help you move forward. I have seen the people who persist and apply what they learn succeed, although the timing is always in God’s hands.

I bring in guests to speak and add some of their experience on various aspects of marketing covered. We start each session sharing information about marketing. And then the participants divide into two groups where we brainstorm how to apply the marketing principles to their own books. Making it individual helps each one start his, or her, own marketing plan.

Behind the scenes I try to help spread the word about the conference and work with ReachFM on interviewing some of the faculty and sharing about the conference throughout the year.

When you come, pray for God to set up the right meetings with people.

Come ready to listen and accept advise. The faculty members want to help you improve and get published. They are experienced, so listen.

Come eager, but pace each day as it can be overwhelming. Take breaks and don’t try to do everything.

Come and make friends. Gather emails and make connections and plans to stay I touch with at least a few people.

Let God plan the agenda.


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