Thursday, February 2, 2012


I can’t believe this will be our 25th FC writers conference and I’m looking forward to seeing published projects as a result of our 2012 conference. It is exciting to go through all the emails flooding my Inbox. I just received this from Laura N.

Last year's conference was my first and was a huge a motivation for me as a writer. As a result of my consultation with Jesse Florea, I received a contract for one of my children's short stories from Clubhouse Jr. In addition, my first children's book in the God's Secret Garden Adventure series was published. I will bring some to put in the conference bookstore this year.

I received priceless mentoring in Christine's workshop, and as a result, my second children's manuscript is ready to put out there. Also, the first draft of the third book is almost done. I intend to work on it in her class this year. Needless to say, last year's conference lit a fire in me, so I'm even more excited about what I will learn and the contacts I will make in 2012, with God's help.

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