Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Donna just shared this and Kindred Hearts and everyone at REACH FM are thrilled that Donna will be attending this year.  See you there Donna! Philippians 4:19


.by Donna Collins Tinsley on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 2:46pm.
To God be the Glory! Many thanks to the Lord and Reach FM! Just whethings seem the hardest and you wonder if the Lord is listening to your prayers, something wonderful happens. Many of you know from some of my blogs and posts that times are hard for many in my family. I have a wonderful family with a husband who works hard amidst intense pain, 4 beautiful daughters, 6 grandchildren and an extended family that I love so much! But as I have said before, we are not the Cleavers, Waltons, or Ingalls:) We are a work in progress and our only hope and anchor is the Lord Jesus.

The Lord knew it was the desire of my heart to go again to the Florida Christian Writer's Conference, but with work being slow for Bill, I just wasn't going to put that burden on him. He had said I could go for one day, but I felt there were other needs that were more important. Then lo and behold last week, I saw on the FCWC blog a contest. My Mama always said "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," and so, I decided to enter.
Well, lyrics of songs always stir my heart and I had several that I started thinking about. But “You are More” by Tenth Avenue North came through for me. I will write more about this and when it is allowed I will share the entry with y'all. Anitra Parmele from Reach FM called me yesterday and I am still on Cloud 9 but more than that praising the Lord who once again gave favor to one such as I, a woman who has never really known a father's love until I met Jesus. And I must say He is the best Father and provider around. He sees the hidden desires of the heart. He knows when we need a time of refreshing and study.

I am so grateful to Reach FM and the FCWC blog that posted the contest.


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