Thursday, February 4, 2010

The One-Sheet Method: Making a Great Pitch

By Shellie Arnold
2010 FCWC Faculty

Does the idea of making a pitch to an editor or agent fill you with dread? Do you try to practice and plan, but don’t know where to begin?

Join me Thursday, March 4, to learn about the One-sheet method.

The One-sheet method can help you focus and make a great pitch to editors and agents. This method can be used for fiction projects, non-fiction works, and by writers and speakers as a means for marketing. Come learn how to fuse your pitch and personality into a customized representation of you and your message.
Shellie Arnold is a freelance author and home school mom. She writes and speaks on marriage and family issues. To contact Shellie visit

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  1. Shellie - I've searched the Thursday schedule and don't see this one. What time is it and in what room? I would love to attend.


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