Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does Your Manuscript Need CPR?

By Linda Gilden
2010 FCWC Faculty

Have you ever finished a manuscript only to feel like it needs a breath of fresh air?

Have you poured your heart out on paper only to find that your story has no heart at all?

Do you have an article or book proposal that has made the rounds and every response is flat-lined?

You need Manuscript CPR!

Manuscript CPR invites full time conferees to bring two manuscripts for consultation with freelance writers. Manuscripts in this category include those that may have been rejected, need a final polish, or seem “flat” and need suggestions to improve them to “wow” a waiting editor!

Professional writers in every genre are anxious to help bring your work to life. On the spot they will read your manuscript and give you their expert critique and marketing advice.

Be sure to come by and sign up to meet with one of our professional writers. Bring your manuscript and let someone help you revive and revitalize your work.

Don’t wonder if there’s merit in what you have written. Of course there is! Let our professional writers help you get your work ready to pitch to an editor.

Linda Gilden is an experienced writer, speaker, editor, and writing coach. Author of the popular Love Notes series, Mommy Pick-Me-Ups and many ghostwritten books as well as hundreds of magazine articles, Linda Gilden loves to help others discover that “Aha!” moment in their writing. www.lindagilden.com

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  1. I didn't realize you could bring a book proposal to Manuscript CPR! That is a wonderful opportunity. I can't wait!


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