Monday, December 7, 2009

What to Expect from Keynoter Jerry B. Jenkins

By Karen Whiting

Jerry B. Jenkins is best known for the mega bestselling series Left Behind (co-authored with Tim LaHaye). He says he can’t take credit for its success, as it’s a phenomenon that spread by word of mouth.

I recently interviewed Jerry and asked what can we expect when he comes to the conference and gives a keynote talk. He remembers the time he was unpublished and unknown and hopes to be an example who inspires us all to persist. He will tell stories and weave in hints and tips to help writers. Jerry wants to engage his audience to be touched by stories, motivated to write better, and laugh with him. Hopefully we will all come ready to do that.

What is Jerry Jenkins like as a person? I barely know him, but in interviewing him, one answer spoke volumes about keeping a balance between relationships and work. Jerry said:
“I keep family first. Fortunately our sons are grown, but we have five grandchildren, soon six, and we believe in investing time in them. I write when I’m on deadline, and then it’s all I do. I get away and hunker down.”
Jerry recently made the move into social networking because colleagues and his publisher insist it’s the wave of the future. On his blog he invites writers to share their stories. He has found these outlets fun. It’s good to know he enjoys interacting with writers and readers.

The legacy he’d like to leave is simple, but shows his priorities. I’m honored we made it in to his list: “Husband, dad, grandfather, writer, and teacher of writers.”

So come to the conference in March and be prepared to listen to one of the men behind Left Behind.

To learn more about Jerry’s views on mentoring and his tips for getting published, check out my article on Suite 101.

You’ll also find Jerry at the following sites:

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