Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Conference Director Billie Wilson Needs Our Prayers

From Laura Christianson, FCWC blog manager:

Many of you know and love Billie Wilson, the FCWC director (if you haven't met her yet, you're in for a treat). You may not be aware that Billie's husband, Doug, has been battling severe health issues these past few months.

I asked Billie to share some details with us so we can be praying for Doug -- and for Billie -- as she attempts to organize a major writers' conference in the midst of life's turmoil.

Here's what Billie shared:
In 2004 Doug had heart bypass surgery which went well. He then got MERSA and it just about killed him. His health has gone downhill since that time and is subject to various ailments since that time.

His recent spa at the hospital was to treat a systemic infection that had settled in his knee. He came home with a picc line and I’ve been infusing with antibiotics for the past month.

He is getting the picc line removed today (Dec 2) and will begin a new round of oral antibiotics.

The worst thing of all is that he has lived his life to the fullest – a great participator in everything and now his life has become so narrow – from the recliner to the kitchen – from the kitchen to bed – from the bed to the recliner (I’m sure you get the picture).

My prayer is that he will just regain a small measure of vitality so that he can enjoy his family and the hobbies that catch his fancy.


  1. Doug and Billie, you are both in my prayers. Love you guys lots.

  2. Tom and Gaye LewisDecember 02, 2009

    We will pray too-- strength and peace for you, billie and healing for Doug.

  3. Oye. I am just now reading this. Billie, I hope things are better!

    Eva Marie Everson

  4. Your family is in a tough place, Billie. And that's the place God reveals Himself. May you know His grace and hope, His presence and peace. May you both experience God's sustaining strength and His wisdom. May the God who heals visit in a powerful way. Blessings, Lettie K. Burress

  5. My husband also lives with severe pain. I will pray for you and your husband. It is sometimes harder to deal with the pain our loved ones go through; we would rather bear it ourselves.

    Many blessings,
    Donna Tinsley

  6. Billy, We're praying for you both over here in South Africa. We will pray for a speedy and complete healing for Doug, and for strength and energy for you.

  7. So SOrry to hear about Doug's extended illness. I still remember Doug's cheer and caring spirit from the early days at Park Avenue. Sorry his life is so circumscribed now; may God grant wider vistas!

  8. Billie,

    Life isn't fair. Sounds very much like the life of somebody who has severe Fibromyalgia. Just love on your husband and keep his importance in your life noticeable as a life partner--even if he's unable to carry his share of the load of living in this sin-stained world for the time being, perhaps longer.

    "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." May His strength infuse both of you.


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