Thursday, January 6, 2011

"JUST DO IT' by Sharon King

For everyone who's wondering if investing the time and money in a major writer's conference like the FCWC is worth it, I encourage you to hold off on the debate and "just do it." You will thank yourself later--maybe years later.

I attended the 2009 conference and received two manuscript reviews. The reviews were encouraging, but they pointed out some things I needed to improve, not just to get published but to be a better writer. THAT's the value of attending a conference.

Yes, I have a success story to share--one of the FCWC manuscripts is under consideration by a major publisher and the second one (which I completely revised) has been published by Healthy Life Press in Florida (The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50-Something Woman). But, the publishing was just the end product of a process that began when I spent time learning, sharing, and gaining guidance (and confidence) from other writers at FCWC. Conference attendance doesn't guarantee you'll get your book published, but you will leave a better writer--and isn't that everyone's real goal?

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