Monday, January 25, 2010

Is This Your First Writers' Conference? Learn the Ropes from John Vonhof

Here’s an overview of the three workshops John Vonhof will be teaching at the 2010 FCWC:

Thinking Like an Editor ­

This pre-conference evening workshop (included in your registration fee) focuses on making your conference the best possible by knowing how an editor thinks.

From an editor's point of view we’ll talk about:
  • your writing idea
  • perfecting your pitch
  • pitching your idea
  • making your proposal, sample chapters and articles right for their publishing house
Fine-tuning your Writing Niche ­

We'll look at fine-tuning our writing niche by exploring the importance of ideas, niches in various genres, keyword searches, market size and value, Web sites, and type of writing to exploit your niche.

Writing and Publishing an E-book ­

E-books are a great choice for writers.

We'll explore the best types of writing for an e-book, software, formatting, adding value, where to sell them, pricing, marketing, and resources. CD of resources for participants.

John Vonhof writes for Christian and secular markets. He is the author of self-published and mainstream books and booklets, with articles in print and on the web. He is an expert on finding ideas and writing for niche markets.

His niche book, Fixing Your Feet, is going to a 5th edition in 2011 while his book on The Pastoral Search Journey is being released in early 2010 in a 2nd edition.

John is the owner of, a Web site to help writers get the most out of attending a writers’ conference. He loves helping new writers discover their writing niche and how to market their writing.

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