Friday, September 18, 2009

Calling All Bloggers!

Do you blog about writing? Will you be attending the 2010 conference?

If so, we'd love to feature links to some of your best articles geared to help your fellow writers.

Just e-mail me (Laura Christianson, blog manager) the following:
  • title of your post
  • link URL to the published post
  • your byline and blog name
  • 1-sentence description of your article's topic
Here are two samples from my blog, so you can see the format:

The Three Best, All-Time Tips for Increasing Your Blog’s Readership

  • Want more traffic to your blog? You have to do only three things -- and do them well -- to pump up your blog’s readership (by Laura Christianson, Blogging Bistro).

7 Pros and Cons of Group Blogging
  • If you're considering starting or joining a multi-author blog, consider these 7 plusses and minuses first (by Laura Christianson, Blogging Bistro).

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