Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will There be Books in Heaven?

Do you think we’ll have books in heaven?

I twirl that one back and forth in my mind, sometimes deciding yes, sometimes no.
I do know we’ll have friendships. Deep friendships that go to the core of our glorified bodies.

That’s why I’ve said, “Relationships” when people have asked about my conference highlights.

Relationships with new friends like Al Gansky, Matt from Dayspring, Tim Shoemaker, Loyd Boldman, Ginny Smith, Jon Vonhof,
Ken Kuhlken and many others.

Spending time with long-time buds like Carla Williams, Athena Dean, Randy Ingermanson, and Bryan Davis.

Meeting my wonderful friend Twila Belk in person for the first time.

These are rich moments that will carry into eternity.

Getting the chance to chat with Johnnie, Shelly and so many other talented aspiring writers.
Discovering Torry Martin is the creator of Wooten Basset on Adventures in Odyssey. (Wooten is my family’s fave character by miles.)

Seeing Billie up there on stage simply being herself, not aware of how warm and funny and wonderful she is.

Walking in the morning sun with my teacher, mentor, and dear friend Cec Murphey.

Five years from now will you remember the classes you went to this past week? Snippets maybe. But what you won’t forget is the encouragement you gave or received. The thrill of meeting a kindred spirit. The
laughter you shared with a new friend.

Yes, the publishing world is about writing in the here and now, but the friendships we build are forever.

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  1. Amen to that!

    I had the time of my life and most of it was about meeting wonderful kindred spirits, beautiful intelligent people, and learning far more about writing than I ever thought possible. We are all so blessed to have been there!

    If I hadn’t come I would never had been able to partake of Cec Murphey’s continuing education or learn that Dr. Calvin Miller wrote the most awesome, ministering story about sexual abuse in one of his books. To each person that taught there, and the others that I met, I say, “Thank you, you enhanced my life and you will not be forgotten by me, or our Lord.”


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