Monday, January 23, 2012


Every year I resolve to be more prepared for the conference. This year is no exception, but I looked at the countdown clock and realized only 37 days until  the day. For some reason, seeing it in writing may be just what I needed. I'm taking another look at the editors and publishers who will be attending. I'm dragging out a couple of devotions that I thought I might polish up a bit and submit to Mary Lou Reddick. I am so glad she will be with us this year-a lovely lady.
 I decided this afternoon that I needed to establish a  time table and a few goals for the next few weeks. My Kindred Hearts will be ecstatic to know they have finally persuaded me that goals are a good thing.
Guest posts for this blog would be so welcome. Perhaps you have some good memories you would like to share, or some of the writing tips you have gleaned from the conference would encourage an undecided conferee.
 Maybe you have a list of items that an individual needs to bring to the conference-for example, unless something has changed hair driers are not furnished.  I realize that has very little impact on your manuscript, but when we meet editors and fellow writers, it does help our self-confidence to feel we are at our best.
Just e-mail me and I will be glad to share your post on this blog.

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