Monday, November 30, 2009

Calling All Children’s Writers

By Crystal Bowman
FCWC 2010 Faculty

If you are interested in writing for children, then we need to get acquainted! I’ve been writing kids’ books for nearly 2 decades and have had some incredible learning experiences that I’d love to share with you. I have written over 60 books and consider it a privilege to write for the best publishing houses in the business.

A Whole Different Ball of Wax

Writing for kids is a whole lot different than writing for adults. Many writers think it should be fairly easy. Let me put it this way—it’s not! And there is so much more you need to do besides create a good story. You need to know what is already out there. You need to know what the market needs. And you have to offer something that is clever, unique, original, and well written.

I Think I Can…

I am excited to be a presenter at the 2010 Florida Christian Writers’ Conference. My session, I Think I Can, I Think I Can: Writing for Kids 0-8, is a study of the subgenres within the genre of children’s literature.

We will take a detailed look at board books, picture books, and book for beginning readers. This information will help you understand what type of children’s books fit your writing style, and it will also help you decide what age group you should target.

I will be giving you tons of helpful information, but do not fear—you will get a detailed handout so you won’t get carpal tunnel syndrome from trying to write it all down.

Writing in Rhythm and Rhyme

Another session I will be presenting is Writing in Rhythm and Rhyme. Many writers attempt to write a children’s story in rhyme because kids love a rhyming text. However, publishing companies cringe at rhyme because much of it is poorly written.

If you have a flare for rhyme, this session will give you many tips on how to polish your rhyming text and write like a pro. If you’ve written something in rhyme, please bring it along.

The Bowman B & B

I am a recent resident of Florida and am happy to welcome you to our lovely state! My friends and family back in Michigan are becoming regular visitors to our home, which I appropriately call The Bowman Bed and Breakfast.

What Clothes to Pack for the Conference

If you are traveling from the northern climates, please keep in mind that even though you will be in Florida, it is still winter here. It will not be 90 degrees! The days are usually warm (but not hot), and the nights can get chilly. I recommend layering. Be ready to add a light jacket or sweater if you get chilly.

And, this is the most important thing: wear comfortable shoes! You will be doing lots of walking so forget fashion and aim for comfort.

See you soon!

Crystal Bowman is a best-selling children’s author. She writes for Zondervan, Tydnale, Standard, and Boyd’s Mills Press. She also writes stories for Clubhouse Jr. magazine, and she has contributed to several anthologies. Crystal is a national speaker and has been a guest on Christian radio programs as well as local television programs. Visit

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