Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We’re all a-Twitter

The Florida Christian Writers Conference is now on Twitter. You can follow us at:

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it is a micro-blogging service in which you get 140 characters (that’s characters, not words) for each update (updates are called tweets).

Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social networks, due to its ease of use and giant chat room feel. You can search for and follow users who share your interests, sound interesting, or are from your geographic region.

From the Florida Christian Writers Conference Twitter account, we’ll post:
  • The latest conference news and updates
  • Links to our blog posts
  • Testimonials from conferees
  • Tidbits and links of interest to writers (if you blog about writing and want us to link to your post, please notify blog manager, Laura Christianson)

Of course, you can follow our Twitter stream right here on our blog, too (check out the sidebar to the right).

Yesterday on my business blog, I posted an article called, “Why Every Writer Needs to be on Twitter.” If you’re ready to join Twitter and want some tips for how to craft your Twitter profile, consider reading that post.

Are you a tweeter? If so, introduce yourself in the comments area and provide a link to your Twitter account so we can find each other.

And don’t forget to follow @flwritersconf on Twitter; we’ll follow you back!

One more thing: If you re-tweet one of our Twitter updates or talk about the conference in your tweets, please include the hashtag #FCWC. That way, everyone who tweets about the conference can easily search for and find information.

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